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Evercab Service



Let us ease you into a magical day at Everland with a convenience fleet of transfer vehicles. No need to deal with the stress of public transportation when these comfortable Vehicles with a professional driver will deliver you directly to or from your hotel and Everland. It really is the most convenient choice for families and groups planning a day at Everland.

Booking Process

  1. Step 1:
    Choose Service date, Depart city and proceed to put reservation information complete. Check the condition of service like meeting time, pick up point and rules.
  2. Step 2:
    Step After complete payment, You will receive a E-voucher by email.
  3. Step 3:
    Step You can check the Chauffeur/Vehicle information before 1 day of service date by email or website.

Cancellation Charge

  • Free Cancellation until 12PM (KST) before your Service Day"
  • 100% All of request after 12PM(KST) & No Show"

    ※ All inquiries will be dealt through the CS team.
    ㅤPlease contact here:
    " ㅤㅤㅤE-mailㅤㅤㅤ
    ㅤㅤㅤWhatsapp ㅤeverland-t

Evercab Price

One Way + Everland Ticket

Hotel  Everland / Everland  Hotel"

The number of passengers Per person Total Price
1 Person 158,000 158,000
2 Person 98,000 196,000
3 Person 78,000 234,000
4 Person 68,000 272,000
5 Person 62,000 310,000
6 Person 58,000 348,000
7 Person 55,000 385,000
8 Person 55,000 440,000
9 Person 55,000 495,000
10 Person 55,000 550,000
11 Person 55,000 605,000
12 Person 55,000 660,000
13 Person

Round Way + Everland Ticket

Hotel Everland Hotel"

The number of passengers Per person Total Price
1 Person 278,000 278,000
2 Person 158,000 316,000
3 Person 118,000 354,000
4 Person 98,000 392,000
5 Person 86,000 430,000
6 Person 78,000 468,000
7 Person 72,000 504,000
8 Person 72,000 576,000
9 Person 72,000 648,000
10 Person 72,000 720,000
11 Person 72,000 792,000
12 Person 72,000 864,000
13 Person


  • You can present either a printed or a mobile voucher for Everland Ticket(QR Code).
  • The Everland Ticket & Q-Pass are valid only on the date and time specified. Also, the Q-Pass is for single use only. Each Q-Pass will allow 1 person, 1 ride.
  • When you go to hotel from Everland, when you want to change the pick up time, please arrange by Chauffeur or Call Center (+82-2-863-3541) at least 3hr before.


Waiting Time 

Customers are permitted 15minutes of wait time after the scheduled pickup time. Surcharges will apply for waiting time exceeding 20 minutes (KRW 20,000)

Additional stops : available

KRW 20,000 for each stop, an route or in the same district and must be paid in cash directly to the driver

Note: Surcharges must be paid in cash (KRW) to the driver

How To Redemption and Use (Q-pass)

  • Once you arrive at the Everland Main Gate and Ticket area, proceed to your right.
  • Pass by the Ticket Booth for Foreign Visitors, and then you will be able to see the Group Ticket Office. And then you can get the Q-pass holders.
  • After you enter the park, go to the attraction and go through the Q-Pass line. (You may have to wait for other Q-Pass holders. However, it’s unlikely there will be a long queue as the number of Q-passes is limited per attraction.)


What is Q-pass
Exclusive Deal! For Evercab Passenger

Become a VIP and SKIP THE LINE like a King using our Q-Passes (Fast Pass)

Everland has an adventure fit for everyone, and there's no time to waste - skip the lines and get the Q-Pass! Everland is a world filled with wonder and adventure, but not enough time to experience it! Instead of being stuck in line waiting for your turn on the journey, use the Q-Pass to head straight into the middle of the action.

Each ride Q-Pass option is limited to 50 passes per day

The Everland Q-Pass gives you fast track access to one of five most popular rides: T-Express, Amazon Express, Safari World, Lost Valley and Panda World.

T-Express Fast Pass - QPASS


For thrill seekers looking for something to blow their hair back, the T Express is an edge-of-your-seat wooden roller coaster ride that will get your heart pounding. Hang onto your seat as you swoop down the steepest ride in the world at the top speed of 104km per hour at a 77 degree angle.
Safari World Fast Pass - QPASS

Safari World

Head into a safari world featuring lions, tigers and adorable bears. Visitors get the rare opportunity to meet wide variety of animals at a close distance. Children under 4 years of age should board the safari vehicles with their parents or guardians.
Amazon Express Fast Pass - QPASS

Amazon Express

For a river adventure, the Amazon Express' winding, 580 meter water path sends you into an exploration of the jungle. A person of 110cm or less must be accompanied by a guardian.
Lost Valley Fast Pass - QPASS

Lost Valley

Enter the Lost Valley where, from water to land, you'll encounter approximately 150 different animal species, all while riding aboard the world's first specialized convertible amphibious vehicle!
Panda World Fast Pass - QPASS

Panda World

For the most adorable (not to mention technologically advanced) attraction, Panda World is a wonderful place to go. It's Korea's only exhibition hall that incorporates advanced technology allowing you not just to view panda bears, but also give you a vivid experience of pandas' everyday life. You'll be able to see cute pandas right under your nose!

Everland Shuttle Service

Booking Process

  • Step 1. Choose Travel date, Depart location and Number of travelers
    ※ "One Way (From Everland)" is available only on the day of the trip.
  • Step 2. Check all the information you selected. (Date, Time, Place, Price etc)​
    ※ We send all information through the e-mail, so be sure to check if there are any errors.
  • Step 3. You can add extra options such as Everland ticket and Carribbean Bay ticket.
  • Step 4. Fill in the form, and follow the instructions. Make sure you put every information needed.
    ※ Please proceed with the payment process until 1pm KST before the service day or your booking will be canceled automatically.
  • Step 5. After complete payment, You will receive a E-ticket by email. Take your bus on the reservation day, and enjoy your trip!
    ※ Shuttles do not run under 10 passengers
    ㅤIn the case, there are 2 ways
    ㅤOne, we can suggest another near point.
    ㅤTwo, your booking will be canceled and you will get 100% refund.
    ㅤWe will notice that until one day before
    ㅤPlease keep checking your booking before the boarding day.

    ※ Depending on traffic condition, weather, etc., the shuttle may arrive a little late at the stop.

Cancellation Charge

  • Free Cancellation until 12PM(KST) before your Service Day"
  • 100% All of request after 12PM(KST) & No Show"

    ※ One-way (from Everland) cannot be canceled after purchase.

    ※ If you late and miss your shuttle, Ticket cannot be exchanged or money refunded.
    ㅤ The bus departs on the exact time Please be on time at the boarding point.

    ※ All inquiries will be dealt through the CS team.
    ㅤPlease contact here:
    ㅤㅤㅤWhatsapp ㅤeverland-t

How to Use

  • Please prepare your booking confirmation (printed or electronic form) and show it to the driver.
  • This ticket is valid only on the date and the time specified.
  • As this is a shared transfer, please be patient in case of unexpected delays along the pick up route.

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